So I’m trying to do an artsy collage of SPG.

But MICHEAL REED is making it impossible!

Please, one picture of your face in a nice profile THAT ISN’T A DURP FACE!



okay. Found one.

And a Hatchworth.

I am scared to death of drawing Hatchworth.

This is going to be very hard and I’ve already done The Spine, Rabbit, The Jon, Steve, and WalterGirl Brianna.

Just need to find a WalterGirl Paige and Matt Smith(not TimeLord) and Sam Luke(Should I even since he’s also Hatchworth?) 

All photos used for refrence credited to trekkieBeth: Rabbit, The Spine, Steve, and WalterGirl Brianna, Michael Reed, Hatchworth

All Photos used for refrence credited to danregal photography: The Jon

I will post links to the original photos when I finish what I’m working on with them.


Thank you danregal photography: http://danregal.tumblr.com/

and trekkieBeth photography: http://trekkiebeth.tumblr.com/

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